Marlow RUFC 200 Club

Marlow RUFC 200 Club Members

Dear Member,

Marlow RUFC would like to invite you all to join the ‘200’ Club!

The 200 Club has been running for a number of years but has not been widely publicised. It exists to help support the Club outside its core activities. Club membership is open to everyone over 16 years of age. Current members are active and retired players, friends and family of players and friends and supporters of the Club. To join it is just £15 per quarter or £60 for the year.
The 200 club will hold quarterly draws a year in November, February, May and August with the value of prize money totalling 50% of the income per annum, and we will draw for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize at all 4 draws.

The total prize fund will be split as follows:
• 1st Prize: 25% of the prize fund (this will be the first number drawn)
• 2nd Prize: 15% of the prize fund
• 3rd Prize: 10% of the prize fund.

In real terms if we have 200 members paying £15 per quarter the prize fund for the quarterly draw could be:
• 1st Prize: £750
• 2nd Prize: £450
• 3rd Prize: £300

All you have to do is complete the attached application form or email
You will be assisting the club to make improvements, a number of which you will all have seen.
Thank you for your support.

The Management Committee
Marlow RUFC – September 2016.

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200Club - Application To join the 200 Club simply download the standing order form at the bottom of this page. Complete


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