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Welcome to a new season at Marlow Rugby Club, celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year!

Our ambition at Marlow Rugby Club is to be the community’s sports club of choice for Marlow and its surrounding area. We are an inclusive amateur club led by volunteers, offering plenty of space in a safe environment for children and adults, and a social hub all year round at the heart of the local community.

Because we are a volunteer-led amateur club with less than a handful of paid staff, every member is also a volunteer. From helpers at social events to Mini coaches or age group tour managers, the club would not be financially viable or able to offer value for money without relying heavily on volunteers. The more you engage with the club, the more meaningful and rewarding your experience will be. It’s your club.

Please read through the relevant sections below and refer to the Membership page of the website to register. Whatever you do, do not click on the “Join” button on the main page of the website.

Social Membership

Social membership is a great way to be connected with the Club and to support it financially. It is aimed primarily at spouses, former Mini/Youth parents, former players, Members’ family and friends etc. Social membership is automatically included for one adult in the Family membership. As a Non-Playing Social Member, you benefit from discounted food and drinks pricing with the introduction of membership smart cards in the 2021/22 season, as well as discounted venue hire and, for a little extra, you are also eligible to enter England’s Internationals Ticket Ballot. If you opt to pay monthly by direct debit, your membership will renew automatically every year and you won’t feel a thing…

Mini/Youth section – Age Grade Rugby

The Mini section, and its famous Mini Rugby Festival held just before Easter, celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. Mini age groups are from under-7 (U7) to U10 for girls and U12 for boys, then Youth to U18 for girls and U16 for boys, before moving on to the Academy section (U17-18).

The Mini section welcomes boys and girls of all abilities from 5 years old (Reception year at school) playing tag rugby until U8, before safely and progressively introducing different phases of the game until U16. Boys and girls play together until U10 after which mixed gender ends. Girls and women rugby has grown exponentially over the last decade and Marlow Rugby Club supports this trend through differentiated membership fees for Youth and Senior female players.

We follow the RFU TREDS (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship) and mixed ability is at the heart of the Mini section ethos. This means we don’t stream players. So, if you want your child to play in the A team, Marlow Rugby Club may not be the right club for you. Training sessions are not drop-off and go: at least one parent/guardian is expected to remain pitch-side or in the clubhouse for the duration of the training.

If you think about joining, if you are transferring from another club or are new to the area, simply come down for training on Sunday morning and make the most of the non-committing 4-week trial. The children will meet many of their school friends in a fun and safe environment. Should you decide to join, as a parent/guardian, you will broaden your social network, take part in social events all year round, enter England’s International ticket ballot or play Touch rugby with like-minded people, all of which is included in your Family membership. Under the Family membership, a sibling joins at a discount and the fees are then capped regardless of the number of Mini/Youth siblings. Fixtures at home or away regularly take place with local clubs at no extra cost. Tournament fees are included in the Family membership. Each age group organises its own tour, usually held at the end of the season in April/May. Membership fees can be paid monthly by direct debit.


There are 3 Senior Male squads and 1 Senior Female squad, with a strong sense of belonging and tight knit bonds between players and coaches across all squads. Seniors train twice a week in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Games are played on Saturdays, at home or away. It is common for some Mini/Youth parents to play in one of the Senior squads.

For Uni / further education-age Senior Squad players, membership fees are heavily discounted for 5 seasons (players aged 18-22) and fees are suspended for students playing away. Membership fees can be paid monthly by direct debit.

Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is a relaxed, yet socially vibrant section for male and female adults of all ages and abilities. Players of over 14-years-old are also welcome. Touch rugby sessions are mixed gender and very popular with individuals looking for an alternative to contact rugby or simply an opportunity for fitness and exercise all year round. It offers a great introduction to rugby and no prior playing experience is necessary. There are 2 evening sessions a week on Wednesdays (when attendance regularly reaches 80-100 players) and Fridays (lower numbers but more social). Touch rugby membership is included in Family membership and any Senior playing membership. Membership fees can be paid monthly by direct debit.


Register by creating an account on the GMS platform using the link below.

New Joiners:

Please click on the link below to access your GMS account.

Player transferring from another club?

You will not need to register again (or otherwise create a duplicate record, lose your RFU qualifications history etc). Instead, from your existing GMS account and RFU ID, you will need to be affiliated to Marlow Rugby Club. This will then notify the membership team for approval.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Riverwoods, “Where Marlow Plays”