Marlow RUFC Planning Application - Car Park

Marlow RUFC Planning Application - Car Park

By Jez Povey
11 January
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Bucks Free Press Statement

Dear Member

An article has been published in the Bucks Free Press regarding the Club's application for "change of use" of our car park to allow the rental of spaces to companies on Globe Park on week days. As we know the press can be selective so I've included the full text of the statement that was provided to them below.

Their article focuses on the concerns of local residents on the approach roads to the Club and the potential impact of increased traffic. The statement below addresses those points as do the Transport studies included in our application. I'd like members to know that we haven't disregarded the concerns of our neighbours. Following a meeting with them we reduced the number of spaces in our application form circa 160 to 136 and also lobbied Transport for Bucks to add parking restrictions to Gossmore Lane and the bend coming into the Club to make it safer and ease congestion caused by on street parking.

The application has been referred to the WDC Planning Committee on the 13th February. In my recent note regarding the creation of a vision and development plan for the Club, I referred to potential new income streams that would enable us to undertake step change improvements in our facilities and fund other development initiatives. The rental income from the Car Park enabled by this application is a primary source of that income. Such opportunities are once in a generation and we have done everything we can over a period of over two years to secure this income stream.

If you wish to help the Club benefit from this development then please register your support as explained at the end of the statement below. You can do this as member (or other Club user) who will benefit from the developments it will enable, as a resident who is blighted by the continued problem of parking on your street by Globe Park employees or as a Marlovian who wants to see the club succeed.

To show your support please do take action; its not safe to assume someone else will!

Kind regards

Jez Povey

Marlow RUFC Statement

"We are aware of the concerns of some local residents regarding the impact of traffic on approaches to the Rugby Club; these have been raised at a meeting with a group of neighbours and in subsequent objections. Our application includes a Transport Statement produced by consultants which considers this impact. The consultants have also been responding to questions from Buckinghamshire Highways who are a statutory consultee in the process and whose role is to objectively assess those aspects of the application.

The unfortunate facts are that there is a shortage of off street parking capacity on Globe Park (an independent parking study estimates the need for an additional 600 spaces). This is a major problem for the businesses there and landlords with vacant offices. That problem gets worse as vacant offices are let. The recent increase in parking restrictions on Globe Park has pushed that traffic and on street parking into surrounding residential areas, including those approach roads to the Club which is adding to congestion. Our proposals do not generate increased traffic movements overall as those working at Globe Park will need to travel and park somewhere in Marlow. It remains an issue for residents whether on Lock Road and Gossmore Lane or Dedmere Road and Newtown Road on the other side until additional off street parking is provided. This proposal provides that solution, by utilising a huge car park that is already there adjacent to Globe Park and requires no development. Unfortunately, aside from those sites already earmarked to provide additional parking there is not an abundance of available space on Globe Park as has been suggested. It should also be noted that we are working with representatives from Globe Park to deliver a cycle scheme to help reduce car usage in the town. Bucks Highways have also recently added parking restrictions on the bend of Gossmore Lane on the approach to the Club which addresses a specific concern raised by residents.

The socio-economic benefits to Marlow of the proposal are significant. The additional income that the initiative would provide will allow us to develop our facilities and help us ensure that Marlow Rugby Club not only survives but can develop and thrive for the benefit of the circa 1500 people who use the Club and the town as a whole. Marlow RUFC is very much part of the community - our users are not just members but also include local Community Groups and Businesses who will also benefit from improved facilities. Further, resolving the parking issue at Globe Park and improving occupancy so that it thrives will bring additional employment and economic benefit to the town and wider district"

To register your support

Your can do this in two ways, in email to myself at the address below, or as a comment on the application portal (link below). The Planning Application Reference is 18/06215/FUL:

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