Summer Touch League - Week 1 Results & Week 2 Fixtures

Summer Touch League - Week 1 Results & Week 2 Fixtures

By Robert Clayton
30th May
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week one results

Fantastic start to our summer league with over 70 players and supporters down for the first week and in many thanks to Mark, Dave and Chris for providing a BBQ in spite of the inclement weather. BTMY have set a record for turning up with only one player on the first day of the league, currently holding this for two years now, we hope to see you next week!

The results are in and there were some very close matches especially amongst the newer teams. More importantly not a single team was docked a fair play point!

Due to a few no-shows yesterday, I have re-worked the fixtured and there will now be a few friendly matches in week 2 and week 3 which do not count towards your league ranking.

There appears to have been some confusion over the rules and Brad has kindly offered to offer a rules/referring masterclass prior to the first match in Week 2.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone that refereed yesterday especially Angus, Steve and Brian!

Week 1 Results

Misfits14Where's Butler?
Hospital Pass Specialists33Spare Parts
Insert Name Here62Unicorns
Where's Butler?15Insert Name Here
Spare Parts14The Specials
Unicorns66Hospital Pass Specialists
Unicorns67Spare Parts
Hospital Pass Specialists05Misfits
Insert Name Here50Hospital Pass Specialists
The Specials02Where's Butler?
Unicorns19The Specials
Spare Parts05Misfits


Week 1PlayedWDFPTBFP+-DiffPoints
Insert Name Here3306301641218
Hospital Pass Specialists4028141019-915
Spare Parts4118121118-715
The Specials3206121431115
Where's Butler?32060167-113

TB = Try Bonus (5 or more tries)
PB = Female Bonus (2 or more ladies on the pitch for the whole game)
FP = Fair Play Bonus

Week 2 Fixtures: 5th June 2019

Week 2Team 1Team 2League/FriendlyRef
19:20Where's Butler?Spare PartsLAngus
19:20All team friendlyLBrad
19:50Hospital Pass SpecialistsThe SpecialsLBrian
19:50BTMYWhere's Butler?LSteve
20:20MisfitsSpare PartsFBrian
20:20U17sThe SpecialsLAngus
20:20Insert Name HereUnicornsFSteve
20:50U17sInsert Name HereLBrian
20:50Hospital Pass SpecialistsWhere's Butler?FAngus
20:50The SpecialsBTMYLSteve

Week 2 Info
• Please can all teams playing at 7.30pm be present at least 15 minutes before kick-off. Don’t forget to warm up before the game starts!
• All teams must have at least one female player on the pitch for the whole game or will forfeit the match or have to play with 5 players and a 3-point deduction.
• Can the players who have not paid their entry fee in full please do so this week, as it is unfair on those who have paid – your team will lose points for players who have not paid their fees.
• Whilst the league matches are being played, there is a spare pitch that can be used by other teams and extra players to play an unsupervised game.
• If you have any photos from the league please post email them to and we’ll put them on our Facebook page (@marlowO2touch)

Rule Clarification – Teams with limited players

• To clarify the rules around not being able to field a full team you are allowed to borrow one player for free and will suffer a one-point deduction for each additional player up to the point where you forfeit the match if you have more ringers than registered players.

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